Lonely Man Learns to Embrace His Discordant Personal Ensemble in the Poignant Animation ‘The Orchestra’

On Valentine’s Day 2019, director Mikey Hill released the “The Orchestra”, a poignant animation about a world in which everyone has a personal ensemble that is comprised of miniature versions of themselves. These musicians express how their person is feeling, their hopes, their dreams, and their disappointments.

In the case of a lonely man named Vernon, his depressed state of mind leads his personal orchestra to make discordant, bombastic music that is out of tune with the rest of society. He rages at the band to be better and stop embarrassing him. A bit of soulsearching, however, leads Vernon to embrace the uniqueness of his own music, which grows sweeter as he learns to let others in.

In a world filled with beautiful music, Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note.

The Orchestra

The Orchestra Title Card

The Orchestra Nervous

The Orchestra Horn Player

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Lori Dorn
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