The Last Time That a Hot Metal Typesetting Process Was Used to Print the New York Times

In 1978, filmmaker David Loeb Weiss and typesetter Carl Schlesinger documented the memorable final night in which hot metal typesetting was used to print The New York Times. Entitled “ETAOIN SHRDLU“, a unique linotype phrase, the film spotlighted each part played and captured the varying reactions of the staff to the new computer-based cold printing process.

This film shows the entire newspaper production process from hot-metal typesetting to creating stereo moulds to high-speed press operation. At the end of the film, the new typesetting and photographic production process is shown in contrast to the old ways. There are interviews with workers at NYT that are for and against the new technology. In fact, one typesetter is retiring on this final day as he does not want to learn the new process and technology.

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