The Iconic Stanley Kubrick Film 2001: A Space Odyssey Told in Its Entirety Through 569 GIFs

French design creative Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec has created “2001: A Gif Odyssey“, an astounding 569 GIFs that captures the entirety of the iconic Stanley Kubrick space film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The project was made as an experiment to test the boundaries of the Fair Use Doctrine, but is still brilliant nonetheless.

GIFs made from copyrighted material are protected by the “Fair Use” doctrine, but what happen if you cut an entire movie into GIFs? That’s what I tried to find out by cutting the masterpiece from Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey into 569 GIFs and uploaded everything on Giphy.

images via GIPHY

via The Creators Project