The Food Warriors Travel to the End of the A Line to Sample the Sumptuous Fare of Rockaway Beach

In their latest train adventure, the genial Food Warriors duo of Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam took the A Train to the Mott Street stop in Far Rockaway, Queens to sample the sumptuous local fare of the beachside communioty that the Ramones made famous.

It was two sides to the Rockaway’s coin. First up was the surf club giving us a glimpse into a hipster tourist diaspora and supplying us with an actual coconut cracked for our drinking pleasure on the spot. Then the ramen warmed us enough for our trip out to Ralph’s, a greasy spoon with real, home-cooked comfort food at the ready. It was double-lunch time again with some breakfast vibe thrown in. We got french toast, grits, eggs n bacon and chicharron, steamed broccoli, pepper steak and avocado with an onion plopped in the middle of it.