The Food Warriors Poll Locals About Their Favorite Places to Eat Near the Fulton Street Subway Stop in New York City

Democracy eventually works

In their latest episode on the Internets Celebrities channel, the Food Warriors duo of Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam took the A Train to the Fulton Street stop in Lower Manhattan, to find out from passersby where they could find the best place to eat. After a bit of polling, they decided upon two finalists: The Irish American Pub and Les Halles. The unequivocal winner was the Irish American Pub.

The Food Warriors have hit up a few other neighborhoods on the A Line since we last posted about them: 125th Street, 59th Street and 34th Street.

The Food Warriors go looking for the people’s choice at Harlem’s iconic 125th Street and find a rematch of Old Harlem vs New Harlem.

The Food Warriors ride to 59th Street – Columbus Circle. What can midtown possibly offer us to eat?

The Food Warriors continue to work their way through midtown Manhattan, this time stopping at 34th Street – Penn Station

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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