The Food Surgeon Impregnates a Marshmallow With a Single Teddy Graham and Tiny Bits of Chocolate

After spending time in the morgue for the last procedure, the Food Surgeon came raring back into the operating theater in order to impregnate a marshmallow with the body of a single Teddy Graham and tiny pieces of chocolate, then set aflame resulting in a gooey s’mores treat.

Surgeon’s notes:

0:06 – Chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. What could I possibly be making?
0:31 – Almost too cute to eat. Almost.
2:22 – I sort of wish I was that Teddy Graham. Mmm.
3:41 – I no longer wish I was that Teddy Graham.
3:46 – I hope no one saw that.
3:49 – Or that.
4:22 – Patient is delicious.