A Memorial for Those Who Disappeared When Mayor Ed Koch Unleashed Wolves in NYC to Prevent Graffiti

Artist Joe Reginella of Toxic Teddies (previously), in partnership with the Ed Koch Wolf Foundation, has returned to these same shores to erect another statue in memory of those tourists who mysteriously disappeared when wolves were unleashed upon New York City by the Ed Koch administration to guard train yards around each borough.

These wolves were brought in from upstate New York to curb the rampant subway graffiti popular in the late 1970s. Unfortunately, these wolves being unaware of their government designated boundaries, migrated underground into the labyrinth of underground city tunnels, snatching an unaware tourist or two before returning to their packs back at the rail yard.

The city employed new guardians to patrol its vast train yards—wolves. Captured from upstate New York and set loose in various borough depots, the wolves successfully kept taggers at bay until anti-graffiti technology eliminated the need for the animals… Today, The Ed Koch Wolf Foundation in partnership with the NYC Fellowship is erecting monuments in city parks to serve as cautionary reminders to out-of-town visitors. When in NYC, visit our many beautiful green districts. Just let these stunning statues remind you as to why we close our parks at night. Statues are funded with the help of the public through the gift shop.

This like is other public work, is of course, parody.

Three Large Wollves South Ferry

Howl Im Doin Ed Koch

Mayor Ed Koch ironically talking about wolves.

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