Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla Battle for the Right to Dominate Power Transmission in ‘The Current War’

The Current War takes on the captivating era of the late 19th century when competing electric power transmission systems were being developed, most notably by Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) , George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) and Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Hoult). The fierce rivalry between the various systems turned into an ugly battle, in which a great deal of money, reputations and lives were lost.

Edison. Westinghouse. Tesla. Three brilliant visionaries set off in a charged battle for the future in The Current War, the epic story of the cutthroat competition that literally lit up the modern world.

The film was originally scheduled for release in 2017 through the Weinstein Company, however, due to the sexual abuse allegations against founder Harvey Weinstein, the film was shelved. It is now being released in October 2019 through 101 Studios, which was formed in January 2019.

101 Studios also is negotiating the domestic rights to The Current War from East West bank and the producers of the film. The Current War, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon, explores the untold story about the spread of electricity in the 19th century and the rivalry between inventors George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison.