The Companion Collection, Unique Watchbands Made Out of Fur Shed by Beloved Pets


The Analog Watch Company of has unveiled The Companion Collection, a remarkable line of customized watches covered with a specially treated wool made from user-submitted fur shed by their pets. While the concept sounds a bit unusual, these unique timepieces are attractive, water-resistant and allows humans to fondly remember their beloved animal at any time of the day.

In remaining true to our ethos to be Inspired by Nature, we took inspiration from the animal kingdom in developing a custom-to-order timepiece that will immortalize you favorite furry friend. Simply send us 2-4 oz of your pets fur in an airtight bag. Once it arrives at our studio, the magic begins! We’ve developed an innovative and hand crafted process to turn the fur into a felted wool, which we heat form to a leather watch band and metal watch body shell. With our specialized hydrophobic coating, your new timepiece will remain soft, yet stay clean and water resistant.

Companion Collection Cat

The Companion Collection

Companion Collection Stacked

Companion Collection Rolled

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips