The Comma Queen Objects to ‘Impact’ as a Verb While On Location at the Only Pencil Boutique in NYC

In the latest episode of her grammar series, the very informative Mary Norris aka “The Comma Queen” strenuously objected to the word “impact” being employed as a verb while learning about the european graphite system while on location at CW Pencil Enterprises, the only pencil boutique in New York City.

Prescriptivists dislike the use of “impact” as a verb, preferring “have an impact.” I wish we could influence the rampant popularity of “to impact,” but in English nouns have a way of verbing. This pet peeve was recorded on location at C. W. Pencil Enterprise, the pencilophiliac’s nirvana on the Lower East Side. Caroline Weaver, the proprietor of New York’s only pencil boutique, joins us with some graphite goodies.