The Blendtec Blender of the ‘Will It Blend’ Series


For the past ten years we’ve been posting about the amusing series “Will It Blend” that features Tom Dickson, the mad scientist CEO of Blentec putting such items as electronics (particularly Apple products), toys, video games and all sorts of things into incredible Blendtec blenders in order to show the power of their high speed motor and ease of use.

While cheap blenders break often and struggle with hearty smoothies full of frozen fruit, no job is too big for the Blendtec. With commercial grade power and incredible versatility, Blendtec is truly a blender trusted by the pros. Take your kitchen to the next level with this top-rated blender.

  • Use preprogrammed cycles to easily create smoothies, salsas, hot soups & more
  • Create perfect smoothies every time w/ the expertly programmed cycle
  • Easily clean up w/ the Clean Cycle
  • Keep it simple: press the 60-90 second setting to blend your creation
  • Use the five manual incremental speed cycles to customize the consistency of your blend
  • Switch between each 50-second setting mid-cycle for the ultimate in customization
  • Press the Pulse setting for a surge of blending power
  • Rest easy w/ a manufacturer’s 8-year warranty


Blendtec Canister

In April, Dickson was super excited to blend an iPhone SE.