Rapper Murs Breaks Down Why He Believes That the Beastie Boys is the Greatest Hip Hop Group of All Time

In a call back explainer video on HipHopDX, rapper MURS breaks down exactly why he considers The Beastie Boys to be the greatest hip hop group of all time, according to very specific criteria he set forth. The band met these requirements, which include the presence of every member on a great majority of songs, their transformation from punk to hip hop, their widespread appeal and respect across color lines, the wild success of License to Ill, the amount of grit it for took these three boys from Brooklyn to accomplish what they did at such a young age and their ability to care for others.

Do I think the Beastie Boys are the best? No. Are they my favorite of all time? No, but they are close. Did they have an unfair advantage? Yes. Do I feel like they show love and respect for the culture throughout their career? Yes. Their staying power, their dope live shows, their innovations, their philanthropy, their numbers. When I sit back and look at the facts objectively, I have to say at this point in hip-hop history the Beastie Boys are the greatest rap group of all time.