Tesla Model X Car Shows Off Its Christmas Mode Easter Egg With Coordinated Music and Light Show

With the holiday season upon us, lucky owners of the Tesla Model X have discovered the wonderful Christmas mode built as an Easter Egg right into their cars. This cheery mode consists of a coordinated music and light show that during which the signature Falcon Wing doors raise and meet at the top of the car, as if to make the car take flight. As people are discovering this Easter Egg, they’re sharing online. An insurance agent in Norwood, Ohio shared his Model X Christmas mode performance with a curious neighbor.

We are pretty close with our neighbors so we went over to ask who’s car it was and here it was their insurance guys car. He heard us ask and said come on out and let me show you something. My husband wasn’t home at the time so I wanted to video it to show him later. I was amazed with it to say the least and thought everyone else would like to see it to, so I posted it on Facebook.

Car fanatic Jason Hughes filmed his Model X in Christmas mode at night

Discovered this easter egg was finally in the firmware in 2.50.15 a couple of days ago… but my X was at the service center getting its first annual service done, so I couldn’t mess with it until tonight!

In 2015 Tesla showed off three Model X cars in Christmas mode, performing in synch with each other.