Minnesota Dentist Sets Unofficial World Record for the Tallest Stilts Worn While Water Skiing

Dr. Christopher Dens of Dens Dental in Baxter, Minnesota, went water skiing at nearby Hartley Lake while wearing stilts that stood at an amazing 11 feet tall. Dens stood upright for at least 30 seconds and set an unofficial world record while doing so.

The record was set at 11′ tall stilt skis on 7/12/2020 by Chris Dens.

He also shared a blooper reel of “stilt ski fails”.

Dr. Dens is also the founder of the Brainard Ski Loons, a non-profit group that teaches kids the “disciplines of show skiing while building character, confidence, and self-esteem”.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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