Talented Ohio Mom Crochets an Amazing E.T. Costume for Her Young Son to Wear on Halloween

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Every year for Halloween, talented Ohio mom Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse does “something special” for her family. For 2016, Pokorny freehanded an absolutely amazing crocheted E.T. costume for her young son Jack, whom she termed a “HUMANGURUMI” while the costume was on.

I AM OBSESSED WITH HALLOWEEN! So every year I try to really do something special and this year I have invented what I am terming “HUMANGURUMI” … Amigurumi + a Human! LOL!
I present my Baby Jack as ET ! (I am also a way 80s kid, like totally!) He is free handed and made with no pattern, I literally just tried it on him as I created and stopped when it fit right!

While her site Crochetverse offers a variety free patterns, tutorials and costume patterns, E.T. is currently a one-of-a-kind piece due to copyright, although Pokorny is trying to work it out.

I do not plan to create a pattern for him for a few reasons…Firstly, It is a copyrighted item and to profit off that would probably result in a lawyer sending me a very “formal letter!” …UPDATE: I am considering it and trying to work it out! I would love to have ET everywhere!

Pokorny also spoke with The Crochet Crowd about the costume in a live interview at Jo-Ann Fabrics in Akron, Ohio.

via Huffington Post, Mashable, My Modern Met