Talented Musician Plays a Teeny Tiny Ukulele Brilliantly While Performing Onstage

Ian Emmerson, a very talented musician performed onstage at the Cheltenham Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2013 with a teeny tiny Tangi uke that looked more like an ornament than an instrument. Amazingly, Emmerson played it brilliantly to an old-timey tune with musical partner Phil Doleman.

Iann Emmeson plays the worlds smallest ukulele accompanied by Phil Dolman at the concert night at the Cheltenham Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2013

Later that year, Emmerson was given an even smaller ukulele that he was able to play.

1st time I’ve played this uke. Messing about with a tune called: ‘Fetch the Biscuits, Barbara!’ Uke and case made by Chis Reed (aka Prof Chris). Reed ukes. Slightly smaller than the Tiny Tangi, so a real contender for smallest.

via The Awesomer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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