A Stunning NASA Visualization of the Sun Crossing Over the Moon Set to Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune’

The Scientific Visual Studio at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has gorgeously combined the quiet, moving lull of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” with stunning visualizations of the path of the sun as it crossed over the moon. The visualizations were developed with the use of 3D global elevation maps and images by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, while the accompanying music was performed by the National Symphony Pops at the John F. Kennedy Center during the celebration of NASA’s 60th Anniversary.

Set to Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, this visualization uses Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data to show the stark beauty of evolving light and shadow near sunrise and sunset on the rugged lunar surface

via The Kid Should See This

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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