Christmas Ornaments With Hypnotizing Stroboscopic Patterns That Appear to Be In Continuous Motion

Stroboscopic Animated Glass Ornaments

Jirí Zemánek of the Czech engineering group A²C at Czech Technical University in Prague, has etched really beautiful stroboscopic designs onto shiny blank Christmas ornaments. Zemánek created custom designs which were loaded onto the EggBot Pro by Evil Mad Scientist. The machine is specifically designed to draw intricate 3D patterns on delicate egg shells, however the printer works just as well on light spherical items, such as glass ornaments.

Jirí, who likes to decorate Easter Eggs in an engineering way including EggBot drawn stroboscopic patterns or a laser created temporal patterns in photochromic paint, decided to move from eggs to balls this year. With great help from his colleagues Martin, Krištof, and Filip they took Christmas ornaments to the next level and taught them to dance!

stroboscopically animated Christmas ornaments

via Evil Mad Scientist

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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