A Walking Bicycle That Uses the Mechanical Design of Theo Jansen’s Kinetic Wind-Powered Strandbeest

A craftsman for The Q science channel quite skillfully built a walking bicycle that employs the same mechanical design pioneered by Theo Jansen (previously) for his incredible Strandbeests, a series of wind-powered kinetic sculptures. The craftsman carefully designed, cut and welded the piece that would replace the back wheel of a black bicycle.

…I want to show you symbiosis of bicycle and walking robotic creature Strandbeest!

This particular design has been replicated in real life several times with a walking machine, a walking chair, and a Penny Farthing.

Walking Bicycle Parts

Walking Bicycle Strandbeest Connected

Walking Bicycle Strandbeest

Walking Bicycle Attachment

Walking Bicycle Ride

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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