Adam Savage Builds a Pedal-Powered Walking Strandbeest Inspired by Artist Theo Jansen

For the latest project in Tested’s “One Day Builds” series, Adam Savage built a pedal-powered walking Strandbeest inspired by the Dutch artist Theo Jansen on site at The Exploratorium in San Francisco, California. Previously, Savage met with Jansen when he was displaying his Strandbeest in San Francisco, during which time Jansen gave Savage some advice for constructing a walking machine of his own.

This One Day Build is a special one: Adam assembles a pedal-powered Strandbeest of his own design as an Artist in Residence at the Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco. The outdoor build was open for public view, and Adam has to test and problem-solve the build on site with a mobile workshop deployed from his Land Cruiser!