Stephen Colbert and Oscar the Grouch Sing a Hopeful Duet in Light of the Overwhelming Amount News

While onstage for The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert felt so overwhelmed by the news that he decided to go for a walk. He went outside and into the alley behind the studio where he encountered a slovenly Oscar the Grouch in his trash can next to a bunch of newspapers.

Colbert explained to the trashcan-dwelling monster that he was feeling down due to the overwhelming amount of news. The two decided that a song would do them good and sang a hopeful duet entitled “Things are Going to Get Better”. Of course, Oscar being the Grouch he is, added: “before they get worse”. Luckily, Colbert is a fast-talker and figured out how to trick Oscar into being positive for a change.

Stephen plays the optimist to Oscar the Grouch, author of “The Pursuit of Grouchiness,” in a catchy new song called “Things Are Going To Get Better (Before They Get Worse).”