A Gorgeous Violin Medley Showing How the ‘Star Trek’ Theme Has Evolved From 1966 Through 2020

The very talented Becky Sánchez of VioDance performed an absolutely gorgeous medley showing how the Star Trek theme has evolved over the years with every series of the franchise.

She begins with the original 1966 series and moves chronologically down the line, concluding with the theme from Picard in 2020. The elaborate sets changed to reflect the ship and the environment specific to each series, while Sánchez, dressed in uniform (and her little dog too) remained on the bridge throughout.

The ultimate Star Trek Medley for all the Trekkies out there, with all the Star Trek TV Series music themes, in chronological order…We put a lot of effort in this video, since we can’t go outdoors to shoot anymore due to the situation we are all in, so we made the best we could with what we had at home.

For much of the medley, Sánchez is playing an incredible mounted glittery “Flying V” electric violin.

Flying V Violin
Flying V Violin Closeup