A Brilliant Compilation of a Very Forthright Stan Lee Insulting DC Comics In Every Way Possible

Stan Lee Superman Imitation

When Superman flies, he has no visual means of propulsion. He just goes like this…

The late Stan Lee was quite a character who was known to be simultaneously “self-effacing and self-aggrandizing”, never had any trouble letting anyone, anywhere know how he felt about an issue. His opinion was particularly clear when it came to developing his comic characters, his overarching values, his fans and his competition. AB Network took note of the last one and put together a brilliant compilation of the very forthright Lee insulting DC Comics and specifically Superman in every possible way.

…People often ask me which of the DC characters would I have liked to have written and it really doesn’t matter to me because I like writing anything. I think if I had done Superman I would have done him differently I would have made him more vulnerable. I think the idea of being able to do anything makes you a little uninteresting and imaginative.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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