Squishy and Rosy, Two City Dwelling Photogenic Turtles Who Model Handmade Miniature Accessories

Squishy and Rosy are two adorable, very photogenic little turtles who live in New York City with their crafting, photographer human Brittney. These good natured terrapins don’t mind modeling with tiny accessories such as knitted hats, scarves, guitars, toupees, bunny ears, crowns, skateboards, rain gear, airplanes and even motorcycles.

Squishy and Rosy have always been very photogenic since they were the size of a single quarter. I just knew that there was something special about them. At the time I was following a bunch of creative dog photographers on Instagram and I thought to myself “If dogs can pose in front of a camera, why can’t turtles do it?”

via My Modern Met