Scottish Sportscaster Gives His Dogs a Tour of His Home Gym to Recruit Them for Exclusive Membership

While in the midst of building a home gym in his garage, Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter, (previously) tried to recruit his beloved dogs Olive and Mabel to become exclusive members. Cotter gave them a brief tour and explained the setup to them. He then offered three different levels of membership and both dogs signed up for the platinum package as indicated by their acceptance of rubber balls.

If you look over there, it’s the free weights area and that’s a pretty standard rack but I think it’s going to be more than enough. Over here you’ve got your suspension training. Knock out a few pull-ups maybe some dips. What? You physically can’t do that? Well, not with that attitude, no. Yoga classes every day at eight. I mean it’s pretty much just an hour of downward dog, but maybe relaxing afterward in the juice and smoothie bar? So any questions from you guys?