18 Year Old German Student Creates a Fully Functional Fan-Based Clone of MySpace Circa 2007


An The Maker, an 18 year old German student and prolific coder, has created SpaceHey, a brilliant fan-based clone of the classic social network MySpace circa 2007. This clever parody service is fully functional and interactive, allowing users to digitally hark back to simpler times.

Of course we signed up for our own account to check it out. Here’s Laughing Squid on SpaceHey.

SpaceHey — a space for friends. SpaceHey is a friendly online space for you and your friends! Create your Profile, send and receive messages, upload Pictures, create Groups, and much more… all for free!

spacehey landing

An never actually experienced MySpace personally (he was too young at the time) but stated that he wanted to somehow recapture the glory days of the internet during the first decade of this century.

I heard A LOT about MySpace both from older friends and from the internet. I did a lot of research on this topic, watched videos, and traveled around Archive.org. I found a couple of other websites from that era of the internet and I really love the feeling of the Web back then. There is no comparable place to MySpace online nowadays, so that’s why I built SpaceHey!

A great many people have signed up for the service, including celebrities such as Rick Astley.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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