Soy Shape, Ceramic Dipping Dishes That Appear to Be 3-Dimensional With the Addition of Soy Sauce

Duncan Shotton, a British designer with a small studio in Tokyo has created Soy Shape, clever ceramic sushi dipping dishes with geometric cut-outs that appear to become 3-dimensional with the addition of soy sauce.

Soy Shape’s are soy sauce dipping dishes that take your sushi eating experience and food presentation to the next level. Their irregular inner surface takes advantage of the natural colour gradation that occurs in soy sauce at shallow depths, to give the illusion of three-dimensional shapes once filled. There are two types, impossible ‘Triangle’ & ‘Cubes’…Soy Shape’s will be Made in Japan, by craftsmen and craftswomen of Gifu prefecture, which has a long history in the ceramics industry.

Shotton is currently raising funds through Kickstarter for production and packaging costs.

Soy Shape

Soy Shape Sushi

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips