The Snackle Box, A Tackle Box for Charcuterie Snacks


The “snackle box”, is a tackle box that has been repurposed to hold a variety of snacks on the go, has become popular as portable charcuterie plates. Crafted4UbyUS is selling a customizable charcuterie box that looks very similar to a personalized fishing tackle box they were offering for Father’s Day

Perfect for on the go, sports events, picnics, day trips. Choose one of our designs or choose your own. Can be personalized as well.

This box can either be purchased or made and is very similar to a traditional Japanese bento box.

Nashville foodie (and mom to twins) Skylar and her mom created an original version with a Flambeau Outdoors 2059 Hip Roof 7-Tray, Portable All-Weather Tackle Storage box.

My mom and I made this for my cousin’s bachelorette party on the lake. And yes we kept it chilled. Why would anyone let meat and cheese sit in the hot sun??

via Miss Cellania