Skier Who Shot 360 Degree Overhead Centriphone Video of Himself Open Sources His Design

In early February of this year, we wrote about Nicolas Vuignier, a professional skier from Switzerland who captured an overhead 360 degree view of himself using a “Centriphone” a device of his own design. Vuignier has now generously shared the instructions for making a Centriphone online and through his “Making Of” video.

Centriphone is a video experiment undertaken by Swiss Freeskier Nicolas Vuignier who spent weeks developing and testing a custom made rig to take advantage of the underrated video capabilities of his smartphone. The result is a mind blowing and hypnotic short film where Nicolas floats in the powder as if time was distorted. Why did it took two years to get that result is a question you might be asking yourself. After all, isn’t it just a piece of plastic, a string and a standard iPhone? Well, like most project Nicolas works on, it was a creative process that not only needed technical iterations, but also depended on his season’s schedule.

For those without a 3D printer, Vuignier is also currently accepting pre-orders for ready-to-use Centriphones along with a new design for GoPro cameras.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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