Simon’s Cat Wages War on Feline Bully Next Door

Simons Cat vs Jazz

While Simon’s Cat is in the yard playing with his ball, it rolls over the “borderline that separates the yard next door from his”. As he’s attempting to retrieve the ball, Simon’s Cat encounters an irascible, but somewhat dim neighboring feline bully named Jazz, who has no intention of returning the ball nor allowing Simon’s cat to cross over.

Simon’s Cat goes paw to paw with a borderline challenger

Simon’s Cat secures an easy victory over Jazz on the fence with the use of a handy spray bottle.

Simon's Cat Spray Bottle Jazz Fence

A relentless feline nemesis doesn’t know when to give up.

Jazz returns to the fence looking for revenge. In the final showdown, the two territorial cats relentlessly battle, until Simon’s Kitten shows up and accidentally saves the day.

Kitten Saves the Day

Simon’s Cat and little brother Kitten go paw to paw with Jazz in a final showdown.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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