Simon’s Cat Finds the Box That His Birthday Cake Came In To Be More Desirable Than the Cake Itself

Simons Cat 10th Birthday

To celebrate the 10th birthday of his beloved cat, Simon brought home a yummy cake made just for the feline palate. The normally hungry Simon’s Cat, who was bathing himself, took a sniff and went back to cleaning. A somewhat deflated Simon tried to encourage the cat to enjoy this special confection and forgetting that the cake was specifically made for cats, Simon licked some of the frosting off his fingers. This sent the poor human running for the bathroom. While Simon was indisposed, Simon’s Cat found that the box the cake arrived in was far more preferable to the cake itself. By the time Simon returned, the cat had made himself comfy enough inside the box to resume bathing.

‘A loving owner treats his cat to a special cat birthday cake – full of yummy cat food! (Definitely not made for human consumption)’ March 4th 2008 marks the date when the Simon’s Cat YouTube channel was launched. A massive thank you to all of the fans that have supported us so far!

Several feline fans of Simon’s Cat wished him a happy birthday as well.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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