‘Shake Puppies’, Photographer Captures Images of Adorable Puppies As They Shake Off Drops of Water

Animal photographer Carli Davidson has expanded her wonderful “Shake” photo series to include adorable little puppies or, as Carli calls them, “furry anti-depressants“. For both the original series and this new addition, Carli utilized high-speed photography to capture, frame-by-frame, the unabashed reactions of dogs and puppies shaking off water against brightly colorful backgrounds. Both “Shake” and “Shake Puppies” have been made into books that are available for purchase through Amazon

Carli also talks about her love of animal photography, her work at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon and how she captured the wonderful images for her “Shake” series in a short video by Nikon Europe.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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