Loving Service Dog Helps Her Disabled Human and Her Deaf Canine Sibling to Navigate Daily Life

GeoBeats Animals visited with dog trainer Bridget Evans to talk about her two dogs, Lily and Kinley. Lily acts as a service dog to both Evans, who is in a wheelchair, and to Kinley, who is deaf. In doing so, Lily helps both her charges navigate daily life. Kinley is a little shy and often feels vulnerable due to her deafness. Lilly helps alleviate her fear by keeping an eye on her and will even go wake up Kinley when Evans asks her to do so.

Kinley lost her hearing when she was about six months so she can’t hear any sounds or words or conversation. We made sure she’s had a very fulfilling life….but when she’s alone she can become a little anxious a little overwhelmed that she’s missing something in her environment that she’s not hearing so Lily helps alleviate a lot of that anxiety and a lot of that stress …Lily will drop everything and go find her best friend and she wakes her up usually with the boop on the nose or sometimes a little bit of a kiss but immediately Kinley wakes up and she knows she’s not missing out on something.

Kinley has also taught Evans a great deal about the deaf community.

Kinley is wicked smart, kind, and patient. But when she gets riled, you’ll know it. …She taught me how to train and think in a silent world. How to use signs and light to communicate. She’s taught me patience, persistence, and joy. I’m thankful to have her in my life and grateful that she is a wonderful role model for Lily. It takes a village

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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