The Pet-Friendly Home Suite Hotels Chain Has Been Adopting Senior Dogs to Greet Guests

Home Suite Hotels co-founder Gidon Novick started a wonderful program that gives senior adoptable dogs “jobs” at his pet-friendly hotels around South Africa where they greet and interact with the guests. The program is called “The Happy Pet Syndrome”.

Gidon Novick…the proud father of 7 furry babies and passionate advocate for the ‘adopt don’t shop’ initiative, introduced our pooch-friendly suite spot as a fundamental offering of the Home Suite Hotels customer journey experience.

The first dogs adopted into this program are Hazel and Catherine. They both came from Oscars Arc WOOF Project as have other dogs in the program.

Meet the rescue dogs of Home Suite Hotels! We’re animal lovers at heart, which is why we’ve adopted two live-in furbabies.

Hazel, our beloved Rosebank mascot.
Our newest addition, Katherine, lives at Home Suite Hotels Seapoint.

Your furbabies are welcome too! Pop us a mail during your reservation process and we’ll make sure your pooch is provided for.

One Traveler Was Very Happy To Meet Hazel

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