An Illustrated Woman Tries to Hold Onto Herself as Her Body Breaks Away in Fragments in ‘Self, Contained’

Self, Contained

In the brilliant animated short “Self, Contained“, by filmmaker Chris Carboni, a lost looking woman with her arms tightly wrapped around her body, suddenly and randomly finds pieces of herself breaking off in disembodied fragments. She tries desperately to hold onto herself, but finds she temporarily cannot do so. After a few moments, her body puts itself back together and she’s back to holding herself tightly, a strong visual representation of transient global amnesia, a neurological memory disorder.

It started with forgetting where she was. But before long, she had forgotten WHO she was. “Self, Contained” tells the surreal story of a woman coping with Transient Global Amnesia – a sudden, temporary episode of memory loss.

via Vimeo Staff Picks