Musicians Test the Acoustics Inside a Cooling Tower With an Improvised Saxophone and Flute Duet

While inside a cooling tower of a powerplant in Vilvoorde, Belgium, musicians Winne Clement and Koen van Roy performed an improvised duet to test the acoustics. Clement played an overtone flute of his own design, while van Roy played baritone bass. It was the first time the two men had ever played together.

Me and Koen Van Roy never played together, so this was our first time improvising together. The huge space made it a very nice and unforgettable experience! The direct echo bounce with the light reverb on top holds a lot of rhythmical possibilities. We just arrived, set up some lights and a camera and played a small improv concert there.

Here’s the duet from another angle.

Here’s van Roy performing a solo inside the tower.

via Boing Boing