The High Paced, Quick-Change Lives of the Talented People on the Saturday Night Live Wardrobe Team

SNL Costume Change

In a fascinating behind-the-scenes interview, the wardrobe team for Saturday Night Live, which is comprised of Dale Richards, Tom Broecker, Eric Justian and Donna Richards, open up about the wonderfully high paced, quick change world in which they constantly live, what their schedules are like, the creative solutions they find to ensure the character is properly conveyed and how host dresser Donna Richards helps the guest host to get a move on, sometimes by any means necessary

Yeah, I carried J Lo once across my back – piggyback. She was in really, really high heels from the monologue and she couldn’t run in those, so I just put her on my back like this…When the lights go down I the run in and grab the host and run in to change them into their next costume.