Sassi d’Autore, Lighthearted Dioramic Mosaics Created From Stones Found on the Beach

With imagination the static becomes dynamic ..

Sassi d’Autore by Italian artist Stefano Furlani, is a wonderfully lighthearted series of dioramic mosaics created from stones found on the beach. The project came about through a project that the artist shared with his son.

(translated) It all began when together with my son Davide we began to realize compositions with stones on the bed of the beach. Increasingly complex compositions which, however, had no future because once completed were “dismantled” to return to be “simple” stones. The disappointment of not being able to keep those little works of art inspired me to glue them onto a wooden base to make the paintings. And so from the beginning we got to today, to the Author Sassi , a collection that is growing day by day driven by a passion for my son, for the sea and for art.