The San Francisco Salesforce Tower Turns Into the ‘Lord of the Rings’ Eye of Sauron on Halloween

Eye of Sauron Salesforce Tower SF

On Halloween night 2018, the LED screen at the top of the rather distinctive Salesforce Tower in San Francisco turned a bright orange before revealing a brilliant “Eye of Sauron”, the symbolic emblem of the iconic villain who appeared throughout The Lord of the Rings series.

This remarkable event came about through a public petition put forward by a local group called The Fellowship, who asked CEO Marc Benioff to make it so. And so he did.

Turn Salesforce Tower into Eye Of Sauron on Halloween Night…Salesforce (or Boston Properties) has raised the highest flag in San Francisco, itself a beautiful piece of innovation, on which we mostly experience very pedestrian content. Often traffic, seagulls, and sometimes literal pedestrians. … It has been said that bonds are formed through shared experiences, the strongest of which are forged in fire. We ask of you to help us unite the city, and raise the torch on Halloween night as one community, together.

Eye of Sauron Sales Force Tower

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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