A Samuel L. Jackson Reads ‘Stay The F**k at Home’ by the Author of ‘Go The F**k to Sleep’

While virtually appearing on the home version of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the great Samuel L. Jackson shared an important message that several others have shared, but in a far blunter manner. Jackson worked with Adam Mansbach, the author of the pragmatic children’s book Go The F**k to Sleep, to adapt the story to address more current events. The result of this collaboration is “Stay The F**k at Home”.

Corona is spreading motherf**ker, it’s no joke
It’s no time to work or roam
The way you can fight it is simple my friends
Just stay the f**k at home
Now technically I’m not a doctor
but motherf**ker listen when I read a poem
So here I am Samuel L Jackson
imploring you to keep your ass at home.

What he said.

Host Jimmy Kimmel has been raising money for various charities while at home. Jackson chose Feeding America.

Here’s the full interview.