A Handy Robotic Third Arm That Can Gently Pick Apples and Punch Its Way Through Walls

Createk Engineering Lab, in partnership with Université de Sherbrooke and Exonetik, have created a robotic third arm that comes in handy when there are tasks to be completed. The arm is supported by a strap mounted at the user’s waist and is operated by a joystick operated by a third party.

Supernumerary Third Arm

Createk third-arm: Supernumerary robotic arm powered by magnetorheological clutches and hydrostatic transmission. Fast enough to compensate for human motions while being safe for physical human-robot interaction.

The amazing thing about this arm is that it can not only gently pick an apple off of a tree, but it can deliver a punch strong enough to break through a wall.

Third Arm

Third Arm Wall Punch

via Spectrum IEEE