The Incredible Journey of a Stray Cat From Shy, Sick and Scraggly to Playful, Healthy and Handsome

One of the amazing humans of Flatbush Cats, a non-profit feral rescue program in central Brooklyn shared the story of Julius, Golden Lion of House GingerFloof, Warden of the Windowsill, First of His Name, Father of None, A shy, sick and scraggly cat who wandered into his backyard looking for something to eat. The other cats around didn’t mind his presence at all and even let him eat first.

After Julius was humanely trapped, he was transferred indoors for veterinary care where it was discovered that Julius had a respiratory infection. The beleaguered cat was given strong antibiotics and a chance to rest.

Julius appeared outside looking for food, but wouldn’t come near me for days. I had a feeling he wasn’t feral – hopefully he was just a shy stray cat who needed some TLC. But first I needed to trap him to provide medical attention. Follow his journey from the streets to VIP life!

Once he recovered a bit, he became more social and allowed his fur to be brushed. Upon full recovery, Julius revealed himself to be playful, healthy and very, very handsome.

Handsome Julius had no problem finding a forever home.

Julius the Magnificent rises again! He’s found a loving forever family that will treat him like royalty for the rest of his days. And over the next few weeks, he’ll be slowly meeting his new older brother Hugo. It’s true that saying goodbye is hard. It is. But it makes me so happy to know that he’ll be the center of attention in his new home. That’s something we could never provide because there’s always another cat on the streets needing our attention. Thank you all for being a part of his journey. We love you, Julius!!