A Rescued Baby Southern White Rhino Is Prepared For a New Life as Part of a Herd in a Wild Reserve

In a bittersweet clip from the BBC Earth series Nature’s Miracle Orphans, a two day old southern white rhinoceros named Manji, who was severely injured by the same poachers who killed his mother, was brought to a the Wild Is Life Sanctuary where he was immediately given the care he needed to survive. Manji was the youngest rhino the sanctuary had ever treated, but he pulled through his horrific injuries and became a strong, social male. After four months, Petronel Nieuwoudt, Manji’s caretaker from the start, made the heartbreaking decision to let Manji go, as he was completely healed and able to move to the next level of his adolescence. Rhinos are social animals who need to live with other. With this in mind, Nieuwoudt arranged for Manji to be moved to a wild reserve where he’d get the opportunity to live in the wild as part of a herd.

Manji the orphan rhino is set on the road to freedom by the care of those at the Wild Is Life sanctuary.