How Various Types of Traffic Are Affected When Road Signs Are Completely Removed

Vox, in coordination with 99% Invisible, explain the concept of removing road signs and allowing shared space design strategy on the roadways. This idea has already been put into play in the United Kingdom with mixed results. On one hand, the absence of rules causes all those in transport to know what’s going on at all times. On the other hand, however, this same freedom from rules can also invite a bit of chaos for those not paying attention or difficulty for those who are disabled in anyway. With that in mind, the British government has put the shared space design strategy on hold until these issues can be addressed.

A 2015 House of Lords report called for a temporary ban on shared space designs and in August 2016 a select committee of the House of Commons launched an inquiry into the accessibility of such environments. Their final report in April 2017 asked the government to put all shared space schemes on hold until they improve the process of consulting disabled communities.