Man Turns His Roomba Vacuum Into a Helpful R9-D9 Housekeeping Droid That Sweeps and Mops Floors

Housekeeping Droid Sweep

Filmmaker Matthew Scott Hunter quite amusingly turned his Roomba robotic vacuum into a very helpful and vocal R9-D9 housekeeping droid with a big personality that sweeps and mops the floors.

Hunter stated that he was inspired by his Star Wars themed garbage can. He repainted the can, inserted a rotating fan motor for head movements, and put an internal blue-tooth speaker for speech. The droid can also be remotely controlled.

I made a few special modifications to my Roomba, because if you’re gonna have a robot cleaning your home, why not make it the droid you’ve always been looking for?

Housekeeping Droid Docking

Housekeeping Droid Front

Housekeeping Droid Kitchen

Housekeeping Droid Sides