Puddles Pity Party Performs a Heartbreaking Lullaby Cover of the Exquisite Tom Waits Song ‘Time’

Puddles Pity Party Time Tom Waits

The velvet-voiced Puddles Pity Party (previously) performed a heartbreakingly beautiful version of the classic Tom Waits song “Time” as if it were a lullaby he was singing to the little dog peacefully sleeping in his lap. Like many of us, Puddles is “a rain dog too” and understands the pull of an exquisitely written Tom Waits song.

Tom Waits wrote this song. I’m usually a little hesitant to cover songs by Tom Waits. His music feels so complete when he performs it. What can I bring to it? But his songs are so irresistible.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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