A Wondrous Portal Installation That Connects People From Two Different European Cities 375 Miles Apart

Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys has created Portal, wondrous circular high-tech installations that allow people from Vilnius, Lithuania to say hello to those in Lublin, Poland, which is over 375 miles away. The “portals” are placed onsite at train stations so as to get a wide swath of people to participate. Gylys stated that this project is meant to bring citizens of the world closer to one another, despite borders and language differences. The project has plans to expand to also include Reykjavík and London.

Portal – a bridge to the united planet aims to unite humanity by building a network of virtual bridges built in different continents and by accelerating a sense of global unity in a tiny spaceship called Earth. Let’s rise above the illusion of “us” and “them” and experience the world as it is – united and one – without borders, prejudices, and labels. Let‘s transcend this sense of separation and be the pioneers of a united planet.

Portal Lublin

Portal Vilnius

via My Modern Met