Populele, A Bluetooth Enabled Smart Ukulele That Teaches Beginners to Play With Lights and Games

Populele Lights

Popupband, a smart music company in New York City, have created the Popuele, an incredible sound responsive, Bluetooth enabled, smart ukulele that uses video games, pre-loaded chords, and songs, and fret lighting to help quickly teach a novice how to play and then continue to play the instrument.

The world’s first smart ukulele, learn your first song in 15 minutes with Populele. It’s more than just a gadget — feel its handcrafted European maple and Italian Aquila strings and you’ll know. The 72-LED smart fretboard connects to our app via Bluetooth, making your journey to music mastery as simple as playing a game. An adorable hybrid of craftsmanship, tech, and fun, Populele will change the way you learn music.


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