Playful Crows Take Turns Swinging on the Branch of a Backyard Willow Tree

In 2011, YouTube user NCARalph captured wonderful footage of very playful wild crows taking turns at swinging on a branch of a backyard willow tree. According to NCARalph, all of the crows seemed to be having fun, despite the varying skill levels.

These are wild crows playing in our back yard north of Boston, MA, USA, swinging upside down on a willow branch and knocking each other off. I believe these are a group of young fish crows who have been playing this game a few times a week for the last couple of weeks, always using the same branch. There seems to be a marked difference in skill, with one crow appearing much better at it, although the others seem pretty enthusiastic anyway.

via Tastefully Offensive

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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