A Stunning Film That Captures the Hypnotic Movement of Plankton as Seen Through a Microscope

“Planktonium” by Dutch filmmaker Jan van IJken is a short film that showcases the hypnotic movement of tiny plankton filmed through a microscope in order to capture the detailed and delicate structure of each distinct organism. van IJken makes note that while these creatures are invisible to the naked eye, they play an important role in the balance of nature.

It is a voyage into a secret universe, inhabited by alien-like creatures. These stunningly beautiful, very diverse and numerous organisms are unknown to most of us because they are invisible to the naked eye.

The equally mesmerizing soundtrack was provided by Jana Winderen.

The film is without any voice-over or explanation. Renowned Norwegian artist Jana Winderen made a sound composition for the film.

The full 15 minute version of the film is available on-demand through Vimeo.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips